Our solutions are built on the proven roadmap that continues to help thousands of leaders and emerging leaders unlock, maximize, and sustain their unique leadership potential, become their greatest, and create individual and organizational success. Through individual coaching, organizational training, and professional speaking, we prepare you to become the preeminent leader you’re committed to being so you:

Discover your authentic leadership style

Lead with confidence

Inspire greatness in others


Preeminence as a Leader Starts With You.

Your journey to becoming a preeminent leader is both unique and personal. You are committed to excellence in yourselves and those around you, driven to making a positive impact in our rapidly changing global marketplace, and willing to make the necessary changes to achieve your impact. By discovering your unique gifts, unlocking your true potential, and strengthening your development opportunities, you become your greatest as an individual and leader, inspire greatness in others, positively impact organizational culture, and respond to the emerging challenges of our world. The byproduct of your preeminence is personal satisfaction and professional success. We’re here so you become preeminent.

cythia davis
“Knowing what to do to solve a problem gets you nowhere…knowing specifically how to solve that problem and having the support to do it, is everything! If you are done with consultants telling you what to do and leaving you to figure out “the how”, then it’s time to call Sue. Sue brings her experience, insights, and wisdom to take on and solve the toughest of business challenges with you. With Sue, you’ll never be left hanging, spinning your wheels or wondering what’s next – you’ll just get to the end game faster!”

Cynthia Davis

CEO of The Imaj Group, LLC



Discover your unique strengths and development opportunities as a leader.


Get the input, feedback, and support you need from those around you to be at your best.


Develop and execute a plan to help you leverage your gifts and strengths in your leadership environments.


Track, measure, and recalibrate your progress for continuous growth and sustainable success.

Dave Graf
“There are a number of positive thoughts and words that come to mind when thinking of both my personal and professional history with Sue over the last 20 years, but the word I keep coming back to is empathy. While empathy is a terrific trait in a friend, it is also an extremely valuable trait when it comes to business, and Sue has it in spades. Her ability to quickly identify, understand and asses a challenge while placing herself in that person’s mindset and situation is a skill that helps solve problems; quickly and with a strong personal touch. I highly recommend Sue!”

Dave Graf

Director of Strategic Alliances at Castlight Health

About Sue Ryan

My life passion is to guide you to become your uniquely greatest, leading yourself and others, so you make the positive impact in our world you are committed to. I know each of us is a prodigy. I want you to discover what yours is, live in it, and share your unique gifts to make our world a better place. Coaching and speaking are the career of my passion and I wake up every day excited to have the opportunity to prepare you to know with absolute certainty you are your greatest and live your life authentically from there. I know with absolute certainty this is my calling! What am I all about? When my time here is done, I want my ‘dash’ to be an exclamation point!

My first career was in the business application of technology to global organizations. I learned many things including the value of mutually successful trusted strategic business relationships; each of us focusing on sharing our areas of strength to strengthen the other, honestly engaging even when it is difficult, and being as valuable resource as possible for each other’s success . I lived my philosophy of preparing people to buy and never selling anyone anything and my focus at all times was, and still is, successfully aligning people with solutions so they succeed. My motto is ‘Your success is my success’.

My greatest satisfaction is helping you, the teams you work with, and the organizations you work for, achieve your goals for success. A more tangible measurement from my first career was our clients consistently generating positive performance, collectively recognizing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue gains and operational efficiency improvements. As a consistently top performer in our company, I led sales teams to deliver record-breaking performance for nearly twenty years.

When I met my husband Jack in 2001, I took a professional sabbatical and we had an amazing time traveling, deepening our faith, and sharing quality time with our family. We call our lives together ‘Our journey of love’. I learned incredibly valuable life lessons during my sabbatical. One is the importance of balance in life. I didn’t meet Jack until I was forty-six. I loved my career and was proud of being a ‘Type A workaholic”, the same way he described himself. The more capacity we had to create balance in our lives, the more we learned about what we are really passionate about in areas of our lives away from work. I am a much better person for having taken a sabbatical!

Another lesson is listening to my inner voice. When I decided to step away, many people cautioned me against it and said it would be harmful to my career. It felt right to step away. When Jack was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2014, our faith journey had prepared us to have massive acceptance of this phase of our journey of love and cherish every moment together. Our journey strengthens my passion to guide you to become your greatest. I don’t want anyone to wake up one day and wish they had discovered their unique prodigy. We are all prodigies and are meant to live our lives from there.

I did say sabbatical. I feel a strong calling to serve others by sharing my professional experience, skills, and personal experience, to inspire you to become your greatest. With my commitment to being my greatest as well, I prepared myself to most successfully leverage my nearly thirty-years of business experience with how to best serve my you in your success. I went to graduate school and earned a master’s in communication with concentrations in digital media and marketing and became a credentialed professional coach in three disciplines. I study professional speaking with National Speakers Association Council of Peers Award of Excellence Hall of Fame speaker, Mikki Williams.

Why does this matter to you? You truly want to be your greatest and you want to be inspired to do whatever it takes for you to get there. When you’re making the changes you know you want to make, so you become your greatest, it’s tempting to want what you can have now. You need to know I’ll be right there every step of your way supporting you because you know I’m every bit as passionate about you becoming your greatest as you are!

I’m passionate our journey together – let’s get started.

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The Proven Roadmap Designed by the World’s #1 Authority on Intelligent Leadership, John Mattone.

Unlock your true leadership potential

Maximize your leadership strengths

Build on your development opportunities

Inspire greatness in others

Measure and sustain lifelong success

“Have the guts to look inside and admit that while you may be good,
you are not the best you can be.”

John Mattone

Best-selling author of Intelligent Leadership;
What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential


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