Preeminence as a Leader Starts With You.

Your journey to becoming a preeminent leader is both unique and personal. You are committed to excellence in yourselves and those around you, driven to making a positive impact in our rapidly changing global marketplace, and willing to make the necessary changes to achieve your impact. By discovering your unique gifts, unlocking your true potential, and strengthening your development opportunities, you become your greatest as an individual and leader, inspire greatness in others, positively impact organizational culture, and respond to the emerging challenges of our world. The byproduct of your preeminence is personal satisfaction and professional success. We’re here so you become preeminent.

cythia davis

“Knowing what to do to solve a problem gets you nowhere…knowing specifically how to solve that problem and having the support to do it, is everything! If you are done with consultants telling you what to do and leaving you to figure out “the how”, then it’s time to call Sue. Sue brings her experience, insights, and wisdom to take on and solve the toughest of business challenges with you. With Sue, you’ll never be left hanging, spinning your wheels or wondering what’s next – you’ll just get to the end game faster!”

Cynthia Davis

CEO of The Imaj Group, LLC



Discover your unique strengths and development opportunities as a leader.


Get the input, feedback, and support you need from those around you to be at your best.


Develop and execute a plan to help you leverage your gifts and strengths in your leadership environments.


Track, measure, and recalibrate your progress for continuous growth and sustainable success.

cythia davis

“What a great honor it is to know and work with one of the most outstanding individuals on the planet! Sue Ryan is a gifted person, leader and coach who selflessly embodies, lives and role models the very essence of being courteous, compassionate and altruistic in her life and work. With Sue, it’s not about her—ever. Sue wakes up everyday and asks, “what can I do today to positively touch the hearts, minds and souls of those I live with, work with or meet”? and, she then goes out and does it -every time. Whether Sue is coaching or teaching or just living, her aura, substance and deep care for others ignites hope, passion and a drive to become the best they can be. Thank you Sue Ryan for all you do to make the world a better place and thank you for all the great work you do as our IL Master Trainer and leading our team of Master Trainers.”

John Mattone

Best-selling author of Intelligent Leadership;
What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential

About Sue Ryan

My life passion is to guide you to become your uniquely greatest leading yourself and others so you make the positive impact in our world you are committed to. I know each of us is a prodigy, having uniquely exceptional qualities or abilities. I am committed to guiding you to discover yours, maximize their impact, and lead successfully with them.

Coaching, speaking, and training are the components of the career of my passion. I wake up every day excited to have the opportunity to guide you to know, with absolute certainty, you are your greatest and are living your life authentically from that knowledge.

I know with absolute certainty this is my calling, my prodigy zone. What am I all about? When my time here is done, my ‘dash’ will be an exclamation point!

For more information about me, please visit my About page.


Our solutions are built on the proven roadmap that continues to help thousands of leaders and emerging leaders unlock, maximize, and sustain their unique leadership potential, become their greatest, and create individual and organizational success. Through individual coaching, organizational training, and professional speaking, we prepare you to become the preeminent leader you’re committed to being so you:

Discover your authentic leadership style

Lead with confidence

Inspire greatness in others

Book Sue as Your Coach and Speaker


The Proven Roadmap Designed by the World’s #1 Authority on Intelligent Leadership, John Mattone.

Unlock your true leadership potential

Maximize your leadership strengths

Build on your development opportunities

Inspire greatness in others

Measure and sustain lifelong success

“Have the guts to look inside and admit that while you may be good,
you are not the best you can be.”

John Mattone

Best-selling author of Intelligent Leadership;
What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential


Your journey to becoming a preeminent leader starts today.

Your greatest days are still ahead of you.
Let’s work together so you become the leader you’re designed to be.

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